About Us

What’s Cabby?

Cabby Share is a technology company with the idea of ride-sharing and carpooling. Our main objective is to benefit both the passenger and driver by providing the best share ride transport system which is affordable, safe, reliable and satisfying for both the operator and user. We also provide private trips in addition to the basic features listed above.
Our transportation networks are in place to provide riders with an even further reduced wait time. We automate dispatch to find the closest driver and, aside from being able to hail the car at most metro locations, the app, web, and IVR based phone service plus fully staffed call center with seven days a week service provide riders with access to year-round customer service.
We have built a user-friendly application that users can easily use. Our application is very easy to use and operate. With standout features like Multi-Service Bookings, Wallet Payment, Book Now/Later to name a few, riders can avail of the services at the tip of their fingers and be assured of transparent pricing thereafter.
Our app is available on Android Play Store and IOS App Store, and there is also a website in which users can directly book their trips. Our company has completed the development of a modern, professional website design which can integrate with the call center and booking a trip. Our short code 7978 will be ready to serve our customers.

How to get the App?
Seach Cabby et on Google Play Store or Apple Store.
Features inside the Cabby Apps


  • Social media Sign up
            Login & Register Via Facebook Gmail Social Plugins.
  • Unique Sign up by Phone
            Login and register via Phone number.
  • Verification by phone
             Phone Verification - OTP.
  • Set Pickup location
By entering pickup location text, putting pin on map or selecting from your work or home              pre-saved location.
  • View available Vehicle Types with their rates
When booking a ride, the rider gets a choice of booking the type of car like hatchback, sedan                 or SUV along with their rates.
  • Estimated Fare Calculation
The Rider is shown an estimated fare of the trip based on the pickup and drop off locations   entered.
  • Option To Book Ride For A Later Time Schedule Booking
The Rider gets a choice to schedule rides for a later time. The Rider can make the booking at an earlier time.
  • Request a Car
The Riders can request a car whenever they need to go anywhere with full information about   fare, car capacity and distance.
  • Set Destination location
The Rider can set the destination of the ride while making a ride booking. He has option to provide Destination Later.
  • Option to Select destination from your recent location
The Rider can select destination from the recent rides made through the app.
  • Auto estimate of arrival time
The app automatically calculates the time for pick up based on the distance of the driver.
  • Automatic Fare Estimate & Calculation
The Rider will be allowed to see the estimated fare which is calculated automatically by the app. Also View Distance, Time to reach Destination and active Surcharge (if any)
View the distance of the destination along with an estimate of the time to reach there based on distance and traffic.
  • Option to Pay by Cash, Credit Card or Wallet
The Rider has the choice to pay through any of the payment methods like cash, card or in app wallet.
  • Option to enter Promo Code to avail discounts
Promotional code can be used to credit money to users account by using the referral code. With this system user's wallet will be credited when referred.
  • Set Preference for female driver if you are female
The Rider can choose to select the option of going with only female drivers available.
  • Set Preference for taxi with handicap accessibility if Rider is physically challenged
The Rider can choose to select the option of going with handicap accessible for the physically challenged if available.
  • Interactive Map - Live Geo Tracking - see all cars in real time motion that are in neighborhood
The interactive map integrated within the app allows the user to see all the cars in real time motion on the map.
  • Get instant in-app notification / alerts when driver accepts ride
The driver and the Rider will both be notified through instant push notifications for any activity happening on the app like ride accepted, surcharge expected, etc.
  • Option to Call Driver
The Rider can place a call to the driver after ride has been allotted.
  • Option to Text Chat with Driver using inbuilt Text Chat feature
The Rider and the driver have the option of chatting with each other throughout the duration between the ride being booked and the pickup.
  • Option to Cancel Ride
The Rider can cancel the ride whenever they want to.
  • Option to share Ride detail on social media
The Rider can share ride details like exact location through social media.
  • View Driver's Name and Profile Photo
The user will be able to see the Driver’s name as well as profile photos as well as other important details such as star ratings.
  • View Driver's Car Model, Make, Type and Car registration Number
The Rider can view all vehicle details as well like the Car Model, Make, Type and registration number.
  • Contact / SOS Panic Button to Contact Police and send your location to your emergency contacts
Both the driver and the Rider will have an SOS button to click on in case of emergency.
  • Change destination address
The Rider can change the destination at any time during or before the ride. This change can be done multiple times too.
  • Auto deduction of money from Rider's Wallet or Credit Card when ride ends or message to hand over cash to Driver
The money for the ride undertaken is calculated and deducted automatically from the Card that the Rider has entered or from the in-app wallet if chosen. The Rider can also pay by cash if that option is chosen in the beginning.
  • View Invoice and notification when ride ends
When the ride is completed, the ride and the driver both receive an invoice with details regarding the distance and fare.
  • Option to Tip Driver
The app presents the Rider with the option of giving a tip to the Rider.(This works only if payment is made with credit card)
  • Rate & Review Driver
After the ride is completed, the Rider will be able to rate and review the Driver based on their experience of the trip.
  • Manage Profile
The Rider as well as the driver can manage their profiles and make necessary alterations whenever needed.
  • Manage Profile Picture
The driver and the Rider can both add or change their profile pictures.
  • Set your preferred currency
The app allows you to set your choice of currency based on the country the app is launched in.
  • Set your preferred Language
The app allows you to set your preferred language from the menu on the app. The entire written text on the app will now be shown in the language of your choice.
  • Set Gender
This option allows the drivers and Riders to set their genders so that they can choose female only drivers if needed.
  • Add your favorite Home and Work Address
The app will allow Riders to set favorite addresses such as home or work addresses.
  • View Ride/Trip History
The Rider and the driver can easily view their ride history with all the details like distance and fare of previous rides.
  • Manage Wallet - top up wallet
Make a safe and secured travel without holding any money in hand using in-app Wallet.
  • Set Credit Card to top up wallet
This feature empowers the user to use their credit card in order to top up or recharge their wallet.
  • Set Credit Card to pay for rides
This feature empowers the rider to select the credit card and add the details related to their credit card to make the payment for the ride.
  • View Wallet Transactions
This feature empowers the rider to get a bird's eye view of all the transactions made by them through the in-app wallet.
  • Set Emergency Contacts
The 'Set Emergency Contacts' feature allows the rider to choose and add the contacts they want as 'Emergency Contacts' if in case they are caught in a panic situation.
  • View Ratings Provided by Drivers
The 'View Ratings Provided by Drivers' feature allows the rider to take a glance through the ratings offered to them by the driver.
  • Invite Friends - become referrer and earn money in wallet
This feature allows the rider to invite their friends to the app and upon every successful user get money credited into their wallet.
  • Corporate Rides.
Under the “Corporate Ride” feature it lets your user book the ride for professional reasons. The fare is paid by the user’s Company where they are employed.
  • Taxi Pool / Ride Share.
Enable your users to share rides using the Taxi Pooling feature. One trip will enable multiple people to get to their destinations. Single route more money.
  • Tracing Ride by Family/Friends.
This feature will allow customers to send their live location to a third party as a security feature to trace their existing ride.
  • Realtime Chat with Support Team.
The User can also chat straight away with the admin using the app. They can click on the chat button and project any of their issues there.
  • Block Fraud Riders/Drivers.
The admin will have the rights to view which Rider cancels ride ever too often and thereby block the Rider. This goes the same with the drivers as well.
  • Shop/Stop/Eat while Riding.
Users can “pause” the rides if they need to stop at multiple places. For example, user needs to stop to buy medicines on the way or any other item, the Ride can be “Paused”.
  • Book Ride for someone else.
This option will enable users to book a particular ride for someone else. The Rider will get an SMS with driver and car details.
  • News Feed.
The segment News Feeds and Notifications will allow users to look at different promotional material on the app . Notifications will also be issued to them.
  • Newsletter Subscribe.
This option appears on the website of the taxi app. The users can click on the Subscribe option and get access to information. The Admin of the app will be able to get the Data of all the people that subscribe to their newsletters.
  • Multiple Destination / Stop Over Points in Taxi Booking.
The feature allows your users to add multiple stopover points within the trip. 
  • End Of Day Trip For Taxi Drivers.
This feature is specially introduced on the driver side of the application. It enables the drivers to put in their final destination of the day (or the location where they are headed to) and pick up rides on route to that.
  • Mark driver as Favorite.
Enables the user to rate the driver as their favorite if they have enjoyed the trip with them and wish to do the trip again with them.
  • Wallet to Wallet Money Transfer.
Wallet to Wallet transfer is a much faster, reliable, and secure option to transfer money. The users and the drivers can transfer/pay the money using their “Wallet” quickly to each other.
  • Restricting Driver’s Fraud .
This Feature will not allow the Driver to mark Ride status as “Arrived” unless he is in X Meters/Feet distance from the Rider’s Pickup Location. 
  • Location Wise Push Notifications throughout the System.
Admin will be able to create Promo code Specific to Target Location. Only Users belongs to that location can use that promo code.
  • Location Wise Promo Code.
Admin will be able to send Push Notification to all Users of selected Location.
  • Reward feature.
It's a loyalty program by which drivers and users can get.
  • Back-to-back Trips.
Using this feature, The driver can get new ride requests while he is still on a trip. By accepting these back-to-back trips, drivers can spend more time earning and less time waiting.
  • Hail Taxi.

Allow Drivers to take the Ride for the passenger who hail the taxi.


  • Social media Sign up
Login & Register Via Facebook & Gmail Social Plugins.
  • Unique Sign up by Phone
Login and register via Phone number.
  • Verification  by phone
Phone Verification - OTP.

  • Online (Available To Accept Rides) / Offline (Rest Time)
This feature allows the driver to set their availability as online or offline to enlighten the rider about their availability to start taking rides.
  • Select the vehicle you are driving
This section enables the driver to select the vehicle and vehicle type to register their vehicle
  • Females Drivers can opt to accept only Female Riders
This section allows female drivers to register themselves on the Uber Clone App to offer rides to female riders and ensure a convenient and comfortable ride for them.
  • View Ride Request
Drivers are getting immediate ride requests from users even though they are in different window, or their screen is turned off and by this way we could utilize our drivers in an efficient manner.
  • View Pickup and Destination Address
This section empowers the driver to take a glance through the pickup and drop location to get the details of the trip.
  • Accept or Decline Request
The Accept or Decline Request allows the driver to accept or decline the request as per their choice.
  • View Rider's Location on Map.
The 'View Rider's Location on Map' empowers the driver to take a view at the location of the rider through the in-built GPS System.
  • Navigate to rider's location using
The Navigate to Rider's Location allows the driver to use the in-built navigation feature to navigate to the location of the rider.

  • Option to use Waze maps or Google maps
The option to use Waze Map or Google Map allows the driver to use either of the two maps to navigate towards the location of the rider.
  • Option to Call Rider
The 'Option to Call Rider' empowers the driver to call the rider before reaching the location of the rider to stay connected with them.
  • Option to Text Chat with Rider using inbuilt Text Chat feature
This feature provides the driver with the ability to stay connected with the rider via internal text chats thus empowering the driver to let the rider know where they are positioned at the moment and empower the rider as well to know the whereabouts of the driver and avoid feeling distraught in case of missing out on a call from the driver
  • Option to Cancel Ride
This feature empowers the driver to cancel the rides as per their discretion.
  • View Rider's Profile Picture and Name
The 'View Rider's Profile Picture and Name' empowers the driver to take a glance at the profile of the rider which includes their profile picture as well as name before the driver leaves to take the ride of the respective rider.
  • View Rider's Rating
The 'View Rider's Rating' allows the driver to take a glance through the rating of the rider on their app to get an understanding of the past ratings of the rider and make a choice if they want to accept the ride of the respective rider or not.
  • Generate Way Bill
The 'Generate Way Bill' present in the application of the driver helps the driver to get an e-waybill related to the details of the ride which includes the origin and destination of the ride along with the vehicle type, etc, to name a few.
  • Start Ride and auto notification goes to Rider
The Start Ride and Notification goes to Rider allows the driver to let the rider via a notification on their device like smartphone or iPhone that the trip has begun.
  • View Destination Distance and time to reach there
The 'View Destination Distance and Time to Reach There' allows the driver to get an overview of the total distance that they need to cover along with the time that they would require to reach the destination where the rider needs to be dropped.

  • Navigate via street view
The Navigate Via Street View allows the driver to get a 360 degree view of the area around which they are driving. In other words, it empowers the driver to navigate around the map by simply placing a pin on the map at that very location to get a bird's eye view of the roads they are travelling by.

  • Contact / SOS Panic Button
to Contact Police and send your location to your emergency contacts.
  • Auto generation of detailed invoice upon ending ride.
Proper calculated invoices with breakdown of the final amount including taxes, other charges, etc are generated and sent to passenger via email and made available in their ride history.
  • Get notification of money collection
The 'Get Notification of Money Collection' allows the driver to get notified of the amount that they need to collect for the ride just offered to the rider.
  • Heat View In Driver App
The Driver will be able to see where all the Customers are waiting for Taxi on the Map.

  • Manage Vehicles
The Manage Vehicles Section allows the driver to manage, update and edit all the information in relation to their vehicles along with the vehicle type, license etc, to name a few.
  • Mark Vehicle as handicap accessibility.
'Mark Vehicle as Handicap Accessibility' allows the driver to set their vehicle as accessible to those who are disabled or handicapped to empower those who are disabled or handicapped.

  • View Upcoming Future Trips
The View Upcoming Future Trips allows the driver to look at those trips that have been booked by the rider for a later date. This includes the pickup and drop location, the date, etc, to name a few.
  • Set bank detail to receive payments from Administrator
The Set Bank Details to receive payment from administrator allows the driver to add the important information related to their bank, including their bank account details, account number, name of bank, etc to start receiving their payments from the Administrator.

  • Heat View In Driver App
The Driver will be able to see where all the Customers are waiting for Taxi on the Map.
  • Set Emergency Contacts
The 'Set Emergency Contacts' Section present in the app of the driver allows the driver to add their close family members and friends as emergency contacts in case they are caught in a situation which requires help and assistance. in case the driver is faced with a situation where they need assistance, they would simply tap on the emergency contact and their location would get sent to the emergency contacts.

  • Invite Friends - become referrer.
The Invite Friends section present on the app of the driver allows the driver to invite their friends and close family members to use their friends. All that they need to do is tap on 'Invite Friends' thereby offering them with a link that they need to share with their close family members or friends and upon every ride taken by their friend, money would get credited into their account.

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